"Gorgeous - like butterfly wings and sunlight"
S. May, Japan

"Your paintings touch me deeply Julie!"
Kerry  Chalmers, Salt Spring Island, B.C.

"I love the colors as it feels like paradise and vacation all rolled into one., so energizing and refreshing both physically & spiritually."
H. K.nyt here to ayou have very beautiful, creative and e
"very dramatic bold, very beautiful, creative and emotive art " G. Griffith

"Julie,this is just lovely! Thank you! Mother Nature would be beaming!and proud! " D. Geyer

" unique style and I love it " C. Shafer

"gorgeous, creative, emotive and mesmerizing   beautiful flowing movement,  I could  meditate for hours on the flow and movement of your glorious designs. "G. Daoust ,Amherstburg.

Superb painting,Julie!  E. Vlok , S. Africa

"I love your Smile Stones- they take me somewhere,
most likely the past but seriously anywhere in the world because they are just universal."
S. Singh, Vancouver, B.C.
Smile Stones
Cplease cliplease click below to view larger detailed images of each  of art
Connecting the World, one dot and one smile, at a time.
Lovingly created & painted by each one ids unique.one is uniquehere to add text.
liEach Smile Stone is unque in size, shape, and design.
Julie Northey
About the Smile Stones
I choose local British Columbian river stones, worn smooth over Time. Their weight, shape,and feel, are all important to me. I created these as gifts to celebrate special occasions,"Mile Stones", became Smile Stones, a play on words.They evolved into these intricate patterns during a period of my Life that was very unpredictable and ironic. I create each stone with Peace & Patience, Love & Light, Joy, and of course, Hope. Thank you for choosing~ Paintings by Julie Northey~.
"the painting is so intricate almost looks like a time piece from the Hopi Indian archives. I hope you take it as a compliment. Such incredible art and such detail. Great meditation pieces" Doraine C. Hawai'i

"you pack great, it took me 15 minutes to open the box, with great anticipation lol. When I unwrapped the first stone and saw the beauty I beheld, I had tears of joy in my eyes . They are absolutely breathtaking and I love them . The colours are perfect, patterns Divine and the intricate detail, labour of love touched me deeply . When I turned them over and I saw Love Julie, I cried more. I am very moved by your creation and artistry and will treasure my smiling stones forever . Thank you so much dear friend, I will spend many hours, days, weeks, months and years seeing and feeling the spiritual energy within and your loving touch" G. Daoust,  Ontario

"Fabulous creativity!!"
E. Linden

"Seeing artwork like yours inspires me to try again.
You have some lovely and unique paintings. Thank you for sharing yourself through your art."  K. Espinoza  he

"Hi Julie; How big are the rocks? The colors look like bead work. It is very precise work. You are patient, thank you!.  Beautiful images of energy and joy."

"Awesome Julie, I'm so excited to see them and thank you for creating ones just for me using my favourite calming colours :) You are the best " G.Daoust

"Beautiful...your colors are so rich, your colors are glorious..."...M. M. Ross

"You must have been very confident before you became a success. I love the art. You are truly gifted! " E. MacKinnon

"These works of art you have created are stunning.
I love the lightness and joy. Beautiful, amazing colors "
E. Davies

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Please scroll to the bottom of the PayPal form and make sure you add the letter found on the top left of your chosen Smile Stone in  the "special notes." Then I will know which Smile Stone you want. 

Yes, of course, I'd be honoured to create a stone using your chosen colour scheme, or incorporate a mile Stone number.

The Smile Stones are approximately 4-6 inches long, the largest being 7 inches. Stones  have weight, so, I must charge $18. to ship each stone. 
$20. to ship Special groupings (see below for Grouping pricing)

Please contact me  julie@robotart.net if you are buying more than one stone per order, or if you would like to commission a special colour scheme. 

Thank you.
"Wow, Julie, your art is so mesmerizing;unique & inspiring!"  Ellen Schauer, Fine Arts,San Diego, California.
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