Julie Northey
Julie paints indoor murals and is a published Children's Book Illustrator with over 25 years experience educating children and adults.  Because of her background in Fine Arts, Special Education and Classical Animation,
Julie is able to use her gifts and varied life's experiences to reach out and unlock anyone's creative potential.

She is a member of CANSCAIP, CWILL, FCA, RAG, SCBWI, and VCLR.

She is available for workshops, school visits and welcomes commissions.
Artist's Statement
I honor The Higher Powers That Be, and my wonderful high school art teacher,  Mrs. Dunsmore, who said, "You must not neglect your talent, Julie."  So, I don't.  I haven't, nor, is it likely that I ever would.  Or could.

There's a synchronicity between my own internal growth and the creative process. I interpret my life's experiences through various art forms.

It is my intention to somehow create a visual interpretation of my feelings of being alive.

As a result, I hope that the viewer also feels something, whether it's inspiration or entertainment in some positive way.

In the case of my sea turtles, I wish to also educate the public about our fragile ocean life.
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