Murals original art handpainted onto your walls

       by     Julie Northey
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This mural was commissioned by a wonderful family that was really into anything to do with outer space.  It graces the boys' bedroom walls.

The new planet "Sedra" was discovered just in time to be added to the mural.  The main wall was around 12 feet long, the comet and extra stars were added to adjacent walls.  As a bonus, once it was time for "lights out!" everything glowed in the dark.
The astronauts are named after the boys.
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detail of the spiral galaxy and planets above
detail of our beautiful home, planet Earth, with our life force, the Sun, in behind.  Can you see the storm on Jupiter?
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if you  look really carefully you can see the glow in the dark message in the stars coming from behind her rocket. 
I quickly took the photo before the paint dried to its invisible state because I wanted the message to be an "extra surprise"....I strive to put Love into every aspect of my daily existence.
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This mural project was a birthday surprise and had to be secretly done lickety split while the child was at school.

The Mom was so loving and wonderful because she called me on her walk around phone when everyone arrived home that evening.

I was able to hear first hand, her daughter's surprised squeals of delight as she entered her Hawaiian bedroom!

She later added the hanging bananas to her palm tree and sent me this thank you photo!
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C Yoga and Dance Studio :
This commission  is over 33 feet long and in places about five feet high. These are two closeups but the entire wall is covered in undulating view some of the detailing click on the image.
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