painted with acrylics 
by Julie Northey
This happy couple is celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
Click to enlarge and see if you can find the hidden word "Love."
To symbolize Stephanie's creative acting talents
I painted her hair in many colours.
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What better place to spend your 50th. birthday than in Hawaii! 
Acrylic on masonite board 34"x 47"
This is one of my  ways of keeping the spirit of Aloha alive while I am back in Canada, particularly useful during the long, dark, cold, wet winters.

Did I mention they were dark? And cold? And damp?

She lives within the portal,  inviting us to another world;  there are times when I feel I can literally climb over the ledge of the circle and be "there".

She's living my Aloha life for me while I am back here.

Listening to Aloha Joe on the radio while creating these pieces truly is:
"the next best thing to being there!"
Mahalo, Joe!

acrylic on masonite board 48" x 48"

Happy 60th Birthday! Acrylic on art board, 16"x23"personalized birthday gift. BONUS! These stars glow in the dark, revealing secret messages.
~Always~ In Memory of my Mom,  Agnes  Kripps