Find The Hidden M (detail) this mystical and magic moment of the mermaid in the moonlight ...
in the sky you can find Mars, a meteorite, a monarch butterfly, and the moon.
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Intertidally, there is
the mermaid, blue mussels, (mytilus edulis) macroystis integrefolia or bull kelp.
On the left, in the flora and fauna, you find  only West Coast plants:
maple leaves, morning glory, (which legend has it, mysteriously opens up their blossoms only on a very bright full moonlight night) mountain ash, mullein, mare's tails, moss, a mouse, mushrooms, and creeping myrtle, or periwinkle.
On the right is the saucer magnolia, a nocturnal mink, miner's lettuce, mint, and the shrew mole, which lives much of its life above ground.

                               ....and the hidden M ...
(I'm not telling!)
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